A second aspect of the work of Emmanuel is diakonia, here translated as mercy. The teaching of Christ is that you are forgiven of all your sins for Christ's sake. But when that teaching is applied to you through the means of preaching and the Holy Sacraments, it moves you to a new life of serving your neighbor in mercy.Just as Christ came not to be served, but to serve (Mark 10:45), so also we at Emmanuel exist not to serve our own interests, but to see first to the needs of those around us. Emmanuel is involved in a wide variety of efforts to address the needs of others in mercy, such as support of our local food bank, support of an inner-city mission and food bank in Chicago, and relief following a local tornado.In this section, you'll find information and links to various avenues for mercy, which are currently supported by the people of Emmanuel. In your exploration, you may even find a cause that you would like to support individually!